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New PolyMon Blog

I have decided to re-start the (old) PolyMon blog on Blogger instead of Wordpress.

The old blog had died down anyway because I was not keeping it up and most of the conversations regarding PolyMon have been happening in the various PolyMon CodePlex projects (PolyMon, PolyMonRT and PolyMon Controls).

My decision to move to Blogger is based on just how many web "applications" I use through Google - iGoogle, GMail, Voice, Analytics, Reader, Picassa, Sites, etc.

This blog will not be just about PolyMon specifically, but I will occasionally also write up technical stuff I have figured out while working on the PolyMon projects.

Please note that PolyMon is based on .NET, SQL Server and PowerShell so the majority of technical posts are going to be centered around these technologies.


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