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PolyMon 2.x

Plans are under way for the next major version of PolyMon (2.x).

Based on a few years of community feedback the next version of PolyMon will be a major overhaul of the entire code base.

A lot of the planned features and architecture can be found in the PolyMon 2.x Roadmaps link box on this blog.

Some of the major enhancements will be in the tighter and more advanced PowerShell integration as well as a far more open architecture, enhanced scheduling and alerting, fully customizable dashboards, etc.

Thank you to all the PolyMon users and contributors that are driving this project into exciting new directions.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or would like to help, please let us know. Just post your comments on this blog, email me, or use the discussion board in the PolyMon project (hosted in CodePlex).


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